Setting up appointment with escort girl

When making initial contact with an escort girl you should treat it as any other arrangement:


  • Give a brief introduction of yourself with details you are comfortable with: your first name, age,     general location etc..
  • Suggest a time and place you would like to meet.
  • Do choose a suitable time-length of date if it is a first time booking.
  • Make a sincere compliment on images if you wish.
  • Make a discreet enquiry about cost for time together if unsure
  • Phone whenever possible for more immediate responses
  • If you have any health issues it is worth mentioning early on


  • List sexual requirements.
  • Discuss prices in exchange for sexual services – you are paying for an escorts time only.
  • Express love, marriage and other romantic fantasies.
  • Haggle/Negotiate – prices are clearly stated on our site, if you can’t afford one escort then look elsewhere.
  • Give your life history either by email or on the phone.

Confirming an appointment with escort girl

Once you have agreed on a date you MAY be asked to:

  • Give a deposit – this is normal and is only to ensure you are not a time-waster.
  • Give Your Phone Number (no blocked numbers) – this is for their security.

However, there are scammers out there. We ADVISE you to:

  • Research the provider on the web – there are plenty of review sites – take an overall look, because occasional malicious fake reviews do appear.
  • Only make payments when you feel confident the escort is genuine. Any doubts try another one.
  • Ensure the escort is of legal consent – all escorts agree to this when joining Escort Home.
  • Ensure the meeting place is not suspiciously located.

The date with escort girl

On the day of your date with escort girl:


  • Ensure you are clean and fresh beforehand
  • Ensure that your are not late – Make sure you are in the area before time and approach on time
  • Call your escort if you are running late.
  • Hand the agreed moneys/fees over at the beginning of the date.
  • Relax and Spend some time getting to know your provider.
  • Allow what follows to proceed naturally, making suggestions as you go along.
  • Treat the provider with respect and as an equal at all times.
  • Leave a tip, if you have had a good time.


  • Arrive earlier than your appointment time – the provider may be preparing for your date.
  • Arrive completely drunk or on drugs.
  • Discuss what you expect for your money.
  • Withold payment or argue about the price.
  • Be rude, aggressive or pushy.
  • Clock watch and rush your experience.
  • Treat your provider with disrespect.
  • Videotape or Photograph your time together without consent

For Outcalls i.e. when the escort visits you here are some extra considerations:


  • Ensure your provider has clear directions and will have no problem accessing your room.e.g. hotel rooms
  • Make provider feel at home
  • Offer a drink if you like but a sealed unopened bottle.


  • Be offended if they wish to check other rooms around e.g. bathroom

After the date with escort girl

If you have found the girl on our site please feel free to add your review. That will help us to improve escort girl services.

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