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I would like to introduce myself. I working as a Independent escort girl in ABRA Inc. whose reside in Prague. My services are for all types of people who want to experience something new. I am very flexible in time and would love to customize to your needs. I provide absolute discretion and very inovate vip escort service. You will be experience beautiful moments with me full of excitement and erotics too. With pleasure to accompany you to the company at various community events. I will your Czech VIP escort girl.


  • 1 hour escort 120 EUR
  • 2 hours escort 190 EUR
  • 3 hours escort 270 EUR
  • 4 hours escort 350 EUR
  • 6 hours escort 500 EUR

Abra escort girl in Prague Abra VIP escort girl in Prague

I always wonder what’s the best way to describe myself.  The most important thing I can tell you about myself is that I don’t hide who I really am. In essence, the only thing I’ve changed is my name.

I love flirting. I am a shameless flirt. I thing a good flirt is healthy and makes people feel good. I’ll flirt with men, women, cats, dogs, babies.. A sexy eyelash wink or a genuine smile over the shoulder is priceless.

Living life is my top priority. I love life’s little luxuries such as fine dining, art, travelling to exotic locations, a fun night at the casino, a shopping spree or a whole day of total self-indulgence at a spa. I am However, when all if this is said, sometimes nothing beats a relaxing and intimate evening at home.

I am very honest person with a positive personality. I adapt easily to diverse social situations. I don’t really have favorites in food, books, films,clothes etc. Oriental food is good, but a burger is better if I have a hangover, and watching Tv in a long evening dress is just not as fun as it is in jeans and a T-shirt.

 Abra hot escort girl in Prague Abra independent escort girl in Prague

If you want to get to know me better, get in touch and let’s meet!!!

E-Mail: abraprague@gmail.com


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Abra independent escort girl in Prague

Now in: Prague

Verified phone number: +420737981592 Verified phone number

Send / Receive SMS: Yes   -   Available 24/7: Yes
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External link: http://abra.praguevipgirls.com

Peronalia about this escort girl Personalia

  • Home city: Prague
  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 168 Cm
  • Weight: 50 Kg
  • Bikini area: Shaved Mostly
  • Eyes color: Green
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Smokes: Yes
  • Drinks: Yes

Services and availability Availability

  • Incall service: No
  • Outcall service: Yes
  • Escort service: Yes
  • Massage service: Yes
  • Striptease service: No
  • First language: English (en)
  • Second language: Czech (cs)

Time set for contact hours Contact hours

  • Monday: 00:00 - 00:00
  • Tuesday: 00:00 - 00:00
  • Wednesday: 00:00 - 00:00
  • Thursday: 00:00 - 00:00
  • Friday: 00:00 - 00:00
  • Saturday: 00:00 - 00:00
  • Sunday: 00:00 - 00:00

Prices for escort time Prices (Incall - Outcall)

  • Incall 1 Hour: No rates set.

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